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BackupBuddy Not Working on GoDaddy Hosting

We just signed up a new client on our WordPress maintenance plan and they have two sites hosted with GoDaddy.  After setting up BackupBuddy the backups were not completing and were halting at the zip process. In order to get BackupBuddy working with GoDaddy’s shared hosting account we had to alter some settings.

To fix this go to the BackupBuddy advanced settings and scroll down to the zip section.  Change the following:

  • Zip Method Strategy: Force Compatability
  • Check the Alternative Zip system
  • Zip build strategy: Multi-Burst/Single Step
  • You can change the following number if you like or leave them as is
  • Lastly check the Disable zip method caching and ignore zip archive warnings.

Here is a screenshot of what your settings should look like:

WordPress Contact Form Emails Not Sending Resolution

Last week I was contacted by a Financial Planning company to help them fix their Contact Form 7 plugin that was not sending emails after it was filled out.  This is a fairly common problem with WordPress and in their situation, they happened to be hosting with a basic GoDaddy shared hosting account.

The Problem

When a client filled out their contact form on the contact page the message was not getting delivered.  This was a major problem as they were missing out on critical lead data.

The solution

In order to fix this we setup a Mailgun account on behalf of the client.  Mailgun is a service that will handle the delivery of your WordPress emails for you so you don’t have to rely on your shared server environment.  Configuring Mailgun is fairly easy but does require some DNS changes which we took care of for them.

After setting up Mailgun the contact form emails began sending successfully again.

Malware Successfully Removed

Today we received an email from a client in Portland letting us know their webhost (GoDaddy) had sent them an email indicating that their website was infected with malware and the offending files had been deleted.  The email looked like this:

Dear Sir/Madam,

We take security seriously so all customers can build and manage their websites in a safe environment.

We’re writing to let you know that we recently completed a routine security checkup of all our servers and platforms. Our scans flagged your hosting account as containing known malware. Due to the negative impact to our systems, we’ve removed the following malware from your files:




Unfortunately, our scans also flagged other content that could be malicious, but due to the nature and usage of these files, we did not remove them as this should be reviewed by a website administrator first. We recommend you log in to your hosting account to review the following content and remove if necessary:



For speedy help, or any questions or concerns, please call our hosting security team at 480.366.3501 to resolve the issues immediately.

We appreciate your attention to this matter.

As always, thanks for hosting with us!

We went in and performed a full site scan and actually found quite a bit more malware than just what was indicated in the email from GoDaddy. After scanning and removing the offending files we were able to quickly get the site back up online and running smoothly again.