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BackupBuddy Not Working on GoDaddy Hosting

We just signed up a new client on our WordPress maintenance plan and they have two sites hosted with GoDaddy. ¬†After setting up BackupBuddy the backups were not completing and were halting at the zip process. In order to get BackupBuddy working with GoDaddy’s shared hosting account we had to alter some settings.

To fix this go to the BackupBuddy advanced settings and scroll down to the zip section.  Change the following:

  • Zip Method Strategy: Force compatibility
  • Check the Alternative Zip system
  • Zip build strategy: Multi-Burst/Single Step
  • You can change the following number if you like or leave them as is
  • Lastly check the Disable zip method caching and ignore zip archive warnings.

Here is a screenshot of what your settings should look like: